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60min 1:1 coaching sessions with clinically trained strength coaches

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We are experts in strength and conditioning for the rehabilitation and prevention of a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions, including low back pain, knee pain, muscle strains and tears, tendinopathies, hip and groin pain, and shoulder injuries.

Our 60min 1:1 private coaching sessions are led by clinically trained physiotherapists and osteopaths who will assess your individual needs and tailor programs to address your specific goals and concerns, ensuring a safe and effective workout.

Our strength coaches come from a background of high-performance and elite level sport. Through years of experience both on the field and coaching elite athletes, our team are passionate about nurturing new talent and helping you achieve your highest potential.

Strength and conditioning is also available to athletes and everyday people looking to boost performance, refine technique, and enhance overall strength and mobility to keep you at the top of your game.

We commonly work with athletes from all sporting backgrounds, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, AFL, running / athletics, triathlon, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, tennis, golf, cricket, swimming, soccer, ice hockey, snow sports, basketball and netball.

Strength & rehabilitation sessions may be covered by private health funds

How will I benefit?

Our coaches can assist you with

- Injury prevention and rehabilitation

- Strength and conditioning

- Sports recovery and performance

- Personalised guidance and programming
- Low back injury

- Knee injury

- Hip and groin injury

- Shoulder injury

- Muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries

- Pre and post natal

What is included?

Our packages are all inclusive

Our all-inclusive 60min (1:1) face-to-face coaching sessions are a bespoke service tailored to your unique health, fitness and performance goals. You will be assigned to one of our clinically trained physiotherapists and osteopaths who will assess your goals, lifestyle, function and performance so they can provide specific, tailored training programs that treat and manage a wide range of injuries, prevent future injuries or recurrences, and optimise your overall strength, mobility and performance.

Our Strength & Rehabilitation coaching is suitable for those recovering from a wide range of sports injuries and chronic conditions, including:

- Low back injuries

- Knee injuries

- Muscle strains and tears

- Tendinopathies

- Hip and groin injuries

- Shoulder injuries

- Calf, foot and ankle injuries

- Shin splints

- Plantarfaciatis

- Tennis and Golfers’ elbow

Strength and conditioning programming is available to athletes and everyday people looking to build strength and improve athletic performance.

Whether you need help improving your sprint times, increasing weight lifting strength, building muscle or reducing your risk of injury, our team will get you stronger and make you a more durable athlete.

In addition to your face-to-face sessions, all coaching packages include weekly check ins, progress tracking and program reviews, all necessary structural balance assessments, custom training plans and programming, supplementation recommendations, goal setting and mindset coaching.

Coaching packages require a minimum 12-week commitment.

Your Reform Strength & Rehabilitation Coaches

Strength & rehabilitation sessions may be covered by private health funds

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Dylan Sorensen

Osteopath, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Osteopath Reform Clinics

Aarvi Sandhu

Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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